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TAVS Viral Load
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Treatment , Adherence and Viral Load Suppression
This two minute video was created by the Centre for Communication Impact in 2017 and aimed to increase treatment literacy and understanding of viral load supporession.  The  video is part of a campaign that features television and radio commercials that encourage taking ARV treatment to achieve viral load supression in order to have a healthy and productive life. The video comprises an...
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Scrutinize The Facts - Makhwapeni
In South Africa 90% of people under the age of 30 and more than 60% of those under the age of 40 describe themselves as being single which means they have no partner, they are not married, living together or in a steady relationship with someone. Being single does not mean that they do not have sex and there are many different types of sexual partnerships.
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Scrutinize The Facts - What's my risk?
People take risks every day, often without knowing it. Some people may run across a busy highway; others may drive without a seat-belt or drive when they are drunk. In all of these instances they place their lives at risk. When it comes to sex and HIV some behaviours 
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Scrutinize The Facts - Booza Brain
Hey we all like a good party but HIV likes a good booza party too.  When we drink too much alcohol we act differently as to if we were sober. When we have a few too many we are more likely to make decisions that put our lives at risk like driving a car or having sex.
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Words are risky because often what we say and what we mean are two different things.  Some people are often coerced into sex even if they may not feel ready to do it. Someone people may say that they love you and if you love them you will have sex with them. This places pressure on you because you may be fearful that if you were to say no lets wait a while you may loose the relationship.
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